About program

IpTables Frontend has been develop in C# and It's

compatible with Framework 2.0.

The executable has been tested both in Windows and

Linux, in last case using Mono runtime.

The GUI is totally indipendent from business class, so,

for the future, may be possible uses other graphic

libraries insted of Windows Forms.

For any further information about how system works you

can reefer to documents shipped with release, which I'll

keep updated with developing progress.

About scripts

The scripts contains the various command for start up

firewalling rules, once definied and generated by Frontend.

In order to use it you've to have a Linux system with

iptables package installed on it. The various modules

( iptables extension in many time ) works if the kernel

is properly configured. So I suggest you to take a look

to IpTables site for achieve a bit of knowledge about

bases of Ip Filtering.


One note about script organization:

Knowing their organization may be usefull if you whish

prepares the rules on one pcs and use it under a machine

that cannot support X or Mono runtime.

First of all keep in mind that the scripts are completly

self-working, however you doesn't need IpTables Frontend

in order to use it.

In fact you can change its contents using a simple text editor ( Vi )

and this is the reason for which is important that you know it.


Open the script file you can find mainly two section : variable

definition and rule definition.

All rules are variable dependent, so if you need to change an

Ip you can act only in one point.

Follows in the script the rules definition :

the chain cames first and then you'll find the main rules and

the specials.